Beauty tips for a Newcastle topless waitress

This differs from one dancer to the next. Some ladies spend hundreds of dollars each week to ensure that they are in peak physical condition for their weekly stints at the spa. To be honest, that topless waitress Newcastle flaunts may not do nearly enough to prepare themselves for their shifts as they should be. It all depends on what works for you, how much you’re prepared to pay, and, more importantly, how much money you have to spend on it. Exotic dancers are typically required to be immaculately dressed from head to toe in their exotic attire. Ladies, this means everything from your weave to your pedicured toes!

Please allow me to walk you through my beauty regimen in brief. To keep things easy, I’ll cover everything from head to toe. Click here to read about Boob enhancement tips to leverage as a Sydney topless waitress.


To begin with, I was fortunate in that, despite being mixed, I was born with long, rather uncomplicated hair. Despite the fact that I have never felt the need to wear a weave, I do make it a point to get my hair professionally styled at least once every two months. This is especially important if you’re a topless waitress Newcastle features.

When I get my hair relaxed or re-touched (as they call it if you get it done often), I spend $80 and I also get a black rinse put in to make it look more natural. My hair is naturally brown, but I want to permanently color it black since I think it looks better. My hair stylist (with whom I’ve been working for a few years now) recommends against it since it is quite harmful to my hair type and would need a significant amount of professional upkeep (deep cleansing and such). My hair is generally parted to one side, with the majority of it on one side. It just serves to make me appear hotter and more mature. When I’m at work, I usually wear my hair straight with the ends curled under slightly. Although I have naturally curly hair, I am not a big lover of it (despite the fact that it is what I have). Whenever I’m at work, I always carry my straightener with me.

For the face

I don’t have my brows waxed as the majority of ladies do. However, I just do not make the time to arrange the appointment. I am aware that it is healthier for you and that it lasts longer. I use a Noxema eyebrow shaping razor, which is a specialty product designed exclusively for brow shaping. It works well. Now, this is where I vary from the majority of the girls in my club in terms of my use of make-up. I’m always looking to achieve that topless waitress Newcastle look

Make-up was never something I was particularly fond of, and that wasn’t going to change simply because I became a dancer. I have extremely sensitive skin, and even the slightest touch of blush causes me to break out. I don’t use any toners or concealers on my face. I do use eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara on a regular basis. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I do make a point of choosing colors that are still visible under low light conditions. The smokey-eye is popular among women, and it looks fantastic! Fake eye lashes are also worn by the majority of females. No, I do not. For my lips, I generally just use a tinted lip gloss in a bright hue. That’s pretty much all I do with my make-up. It does not matter to me that I have a natural-looking face since I like receiving praises on it.

For the body

I make sure that I moisturize my entire body from head to toe. This is crucial because, believe it or not, customers can tell if you are ashy just by looking at you. I don’t know about you, but if a customer didn’t get a dance from me because he thought my skin was too rough, I’d be ashamed for him. I make it a point to apply lotion at least an hour before I go on stage to perform. I want the lotion to be completely absorbed into my skin so that I don’t have any slick spots on the pole or stage during my performance. As a result, the next dancer who comes up may find themselves in a perilous situation. When it comes to my nails, I generally do them myself. Don’t forget that you’re trying to look like that topless waitress Newcastle offers. 

My nails may grow to be as long as regular acrylics if they are properly cared for. I occasionally give myself manicures, and other times I simply paint my nails clear. Having natural nails can garner some positive attention from time to time, which is great. I’m not sure if acrylics are worn by the majority of dancers, but I do know that a significant number of them do. I shave my legs and the region around my bikini line. Again, waxing would be a good choice, but you would have to go through a period of re-growth, which I would not recommend for the bikini and leg areas, especially because they are sensitive. Pedicures for my toes are something I do myself. The reverse pedicure is one of my favorite treatments. I’m going to paint the entire toe transparent, and then the tips will be painted black. It has such a sultry appearance, and you don’t see it on too many women.


I ALWAYS check to see that I’m smelling nice as well. I’ll either put on some body lotion and spray from VS or B&BW, or I’ll put on a beautiful perfume to start the day. It is critical for the client that the product smells pleasant. Because you smell, you don’t want a patron to avoid your club altogether or to avoid you specifically because of your stench. As soon as I finish a particularly tough set in which I break a sweat or after finishing a particularly long lap dance, I head back to the dressing room for some much-needed recuperation. I’ll be washing myself off with baby wipes, reapplying deodorant, and reapplying lotions and perfume to keep myself fresh.

Your beauty regimen can have a significant impact on the amount of money you make. It’s bizarre at times, but it’s also true. For example, you may discover that you earn more money when your hair is straight as opposed to curly, or vice versa, over time as your appearance changes. I personally make more money when I have my hair in a straight style. The same may be said about cosmetics. Occasionally, a more dramatic look is preferred. Additionally, the appearance of your nails is important to your customers. I’m not sure if the nails on your fingers are as important as the nails on your toes, but I’ve met a fair amount of men who are obsessed with their feet. 

When I’m dancing on stage and a guy is gazing at my feet, I don’t want to have to worry about the paint on my toes chipping because that would be embarrassing. One of my customers, who had a foot fetish, approached me and offered me the option to participate in foot fetish events because he admired my feet. I almost went ahead and did it, but my feet and elbows bother me a lot. Please don’t ask me why. To summarize, how you appear DOES matter. Don’t settle for mediocrity since it might be the difference between $200 and $500 in your paycheck. I assure you that I will not disappoint you. Plus, you want to always maintain that topnotch topless waitress Newcastle look.